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For Beginners

Tuesday, May 27, 2008   |   Magic Tricks
In this how-to, you will learn how to amaze your friends, while not only learning something new, but possibly starting a new hobby. These card miracles are easy to do and showy to perform. Abracadabra!

  1. Hold a normal deck of cards in your hand (with one joker).
  2. Memorize the bottom card.
  3. Ask an audience member to pick a card and place it on top.
  4. Cut the deck in half and place the bottom half on top. This puts the card you memorized ^ on top of their card.
  5. Pretend to look for jokers and take them out, but also find the card you memorized. Their card is resting on top of it. Cut the deck so their card is on top.
  6. Have them pick a number between ten and twenty.
  7. Deal that many cards off the top of the deck.
  8. Hold these cards at the bottom between finger and thumb.
  9. Have them slap it to make you drop it, and their card is usually in your hand by itself.

  • When you hold the ten to twenty cards in thumb and finger, don't hold too tight, but if you go too loose you will lose all of them. It just takes practice.
  • If you hold the cards between the first knuckles of your index finger and middle finger it makes the trick a little easier, I think

  • Don't do this to people who try to ruin your card tricks.
  • Don't perform this trick more than once to the same person, he/she could discover your secret!