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They cannot take away our self-respect if we do not give it to them.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Date Category Title Author
03/24/11 S.M.I.²L.E. Bechdel test Josh Lieberman
03/18/15 Comics The Multiversity Josh Lieberman
03/16/15 Movies & TV Pretty Irish Girl Lawrence Edward Watkin / Oliver Wallace
03/16/15 S.M.I.²L.E. What's it like being you? Bill Murray
03/16/15 Literature Introduction to The Golden Man Philip K. Dick
03/15/15 Movies & TV The Troyer Interview Patrick McGoohan
02/12/15 Comics DC Crisis Joshua Lieberman
03/01/14 Comics Damian Wayne Joshua Lieberman
10/14/11 Movies & TV Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop Joshua Lieberman
08/25/11 Meet Jane Goodall Joshua Lieberman
05/05/11 Comedy Wackypedia Joshua Lieberman
03/12/11 Science Hox Genes Joe Pearson
03/06/11 Technical iPhone 4 Tips & Tricks Joshua Lieberman
02/15/11 Music I Can Change LCD Soundsystem
12/12/10 Music Give Peace A Chance Joshua Lieberman
10/06/09 Movies & TV Watching Buffy & Angel Together Merz Hendrickson
07/18/09 Music Death to Frere Jacques Kyle Smith
06/05/09 Poetry The Dash Poem Linda Ellis
05/14/09 Math The square root of -1 Joshua Lieberman
05/09/09 Poetry The Last Words of Dutch Schultz Joshua Lieberman
03/13/09 Puzzles Solve a Rubik's Cube Joshua Lieberman
03/01/09 New Rule Fortune Cookies Joshua Lieberman
02/28/09 Top 5 Television Shows Michael Gamelin
02/28/09 Codes NATO Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code Joshua Lieberman
02/27/09 Movies & TV Darth Maul Joshua Lieberman
01/28/09 Science Wound Response in Drosophila Joe Pearson
01/04/09 Math Galton's Paradox Joseph Pearson
12/15/08 S.M.I.²L.E. Apophenia Joshua Lieberman
07/10/08 Personal Skydiving Josh & Sarah
06/27/08 Music I Will Follow You Into The Dark Death Cab for Cutie
05/31/08 Literature Baloney Detection Kit Carl Sagan
05/31/08 Music The Book of the Law Aleister Crowley
05/27/08 Magic Tricks For Beginners Joshua Lieberman
05/27/08 Magic Tricks Card Force Trick Joshua Lieberman
05/27/08 Games Underground Ray Winninger
05/27/08 Literature Hiram Abiff Joshua Lieberman
05/27/08 Music Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor Mary Elizabeth Raines
05/27/08 Literature The Twelve Labours of Hercules Peisandros of Rhodes
05/27/08 Art The Tower of Babel M.C. Escher
05/27/08 Literature House Rules Joshua Lieberman
05/25/08 Literature Procrustes Joshua Lieberman
05/24/08 Literature Autobiography of Howard Hughes Clifford Irving
05/24/08 Poetry Suicide Note George Eastman
05/24/08 Poetry Untitled Jack Parsons
05/23/08 S.M.I.²L.E. Beliefs Unlimited Exercise John Lilly
05/23/08 Literature The Battle Hymn of the Republic Mark Twain
05/23/08 Literature Ring of Gyges Plato
05/23/08 Music The War of the Worlds Orson Welles
05/23/08 Music Donovan's Brain Orson Welles
05/22/08 Meet Patch Adams Joshua Lieberman
05/22/08 Meet Inez Milholland Joshua Lieberman
05/22/08 Meet Alice Paul Joshua Lieberman
05/22/08 Meet Vivien Thomas Joshua Lieberman
05/18/08 Domine Knockers Chart Dexter Carlisle
04/30/08 Domine Victoria's Secret Angels Roy Raymond
04/30/08 Comedy 7 Words You Can Never Say on TV George Carlin
04/30/08 Literature The Alchemist H.P. Lovecraft
04/24/08 Music The Great Beast Speaks Aleister Crowley
04/19/08 Literature Jabberwocky Lewis Carroll
04/19/08 Literature Dagon H.P. Lovecraft
04/12/08 Review 007 Films Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Cards Poker Hands Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature Mundus Vult Decipi Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature Characters in Poictesme Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature The Land of Poictesme Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature Another Note on Cabell Aleister Crowley
04/11/08 Literature Sigil of Scoteia James Branch Cabell
04/11/08 Literature The Biography of Manuel James Branch Cabell
04/01/08 Poetry i sing of Olaf glad and big E. E. Cummings
04/01/08 Literature Hamlet's Soliloquy, Act III Scene I William Shakespeare
04/01/08 Craft Thaumatropes Joshua Lieberman
03/28/08 Movies & TV Aeon Flux Joshua Lieberman
03/28/08 Games Battlefield 2142 Joshua Lieberman
03/24/08 Meet Andre Agassi Joshua Lieberman
03/23/08 Top 5 Will Ferrell Movies Joshua Lieberman