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The joy of life consists in the exercise of one's energies, continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience. To stop means simply to die. The eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal.

- Aleister Crowley

Date Category Title Author
03/24/11 S.M.I.²L.E. Bechdel test Josh Lieberman
03/18/15 Comics The Multiversity Josh Lieberman
03/16/15 Movies & TV Pretty Irish Girl Lawrence Edward Watkin / Oliver Wallace
03/16/15 S.M.I.²L.E. What's it like being you? Bill Murray
03/16/15 Literature Introduction to The Golden Man Philip K. Dick
03/15/15 Movies & TV The Troyer Interview Patrick McGoohan
02/12/15 Comics DC Crisis Joshua Lieberman
03/01/14 Comics Damian Wayne Joshua Lieberman
10/14/11 Movies & TV Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop Joshua Lieberman
08/25/11 Meet Jane Goodall Joshua Lieberman
05/05/11 Comedy Wackypedia Joshua Lieberman
03/12/11 Science Hox Genes Joe Pearson
03/06/11 Technical iPhone 4 Tips & Tricks Joshua Lieberman
02/15/11 Music I Can Change LCD Soundsystem
12/12/10 Music Give Peace A Chance Joshua Lieberman
10/06/09 Movies & TV Watching Buffy & Angel Together Merz Hendrickson
07/18/09 Music Death to Frere Jacques Kyle Smith
06/05/09 Poetry The Dash Poem Linda Ellis
05/14/09 Math The square root of -1 Joshua Lieberman
05/09/09 Poetry The Last Words of Dutch Schultz Joshua Lieberman
03/13/09 Puzzles Solve a Rubik's Cube Joshua Lieberman
03/01/09 New Rule Fortune Cookies Joshua Lieberman
02/28/09 Top 5 Television Shows Michael Gamelin
02/28/09 Codes NATO Phonetic Alphabet & Morse Code Joshua Lieberman
02/27/09 Movies & TV Darth Maul Joshua Lieberman
01/28/09 Science Wound Response in Drosophila Joe Pearson
01/04/09 Math Galton's Paradox Joseph Pearson
12/15/08 S.M.I.²L.E. Apophenia Joshua Lieberman
07/10/08 Personal Skydiving Josh & Sarah
06/27/08 Music I Will Follow You Into The Dark Death Cab for Cutie
05/31/08 Literature Baloney Detection Kit Carl Sagan
05/31/08 Music The Book of the Law Aleister Crowley
05/27/08 Magic Tricks For Beginners Joshua Lieberman
05/27/08 Magic Tricks Card Force Trick Joshua Lieberman
05/27/08 Games Underground Ray Winninger
05/27/08 Literature Hiram Abiff Joshua Lieberman
05/27/08 Music Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor Mary Elizabeth Raines
05/27/08 Literature The Twelve Labours of Hercules Peisandros of Rhodes
05/27/08 Art The Tower of Babel M.C. Escher
05/27/08 Literature House Rules Joshua Lieberman
05/25/08 Literature Procrustes Joshua Lieberman
05/24/08 Literature Autobiography of Howard Hughes Clifford Irving
05/24/08 Poetry Suicide Note George Eastman
05/24/08 Poetry Untitled Jack Parsons
05/23/08 S.M.I.²L.E. Beliefs Unlimited Exercise John Lilly
05/23/08 Literature The Battle Hymn of the Republic Mark Twain
05/23/08 Literature Ring of Gyges Plato
05/23/08 Music The War of the Worlds Orson Welles
05/23/08 Music Donovan's Brain Orson Welles
05/22/08 Meet Patch Adams Joshua Lieberman
05/22/08 Meet Inez Milholland Joshua Lieberman
05/22/08 Meet Alice Paul Joshua Lieberman
05/22/08 Meet Vivien Thomas Joshua Lieberman
05/18/08 Domine Knockers Chart Dexter Carlisle
04/30/08 Domine Victoria's Secret Angels Roy Raymond
04/30/08 Comedy 7 Words You Can Never Say on TV George Carlin
04/30/08 Literature The Alchemist H.P. Lovecraft
04/24/08 Music The Great Beast Speaks Aleister Crowley
04/19/08 Literature Jabberwocky Lewis Carroll
04/19/08 Literature Dagon H.P. Lovecraft
04/12/08 Review 007 Films Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Cards Poker Hands Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature Mundus Vult Decipi Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature Characters in Poictesme Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature The Land of Poictesme Joshua Lieberman
04/11/08 Literature Another Note on Cabell Aleister Crowley
04/11/08 Literature Sigil of Scoteia James Branch Cabell
04/11/08 Literature The Biography of Manuel James Branch Cabell
04/01/08 Poetry i sing of Olaf glad and big E. E. Cummings
04/01/08 Literature Hamlet's Soliloquy, Act III Scene I William Shakespeare
04/01/08 Craft Thaumatropes Joshua Lieberman
03/28/08 Movies & TV Aeon Flux Joshua Lieberman
03/28/08 Games Battlefield 2142 Joshua Lieberman
03/24/08 Meet Andre Agassi Joshua Lieberman
03/23/08 Top 5 Will Ferrell Movies Joshua Lieberman