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Solve a Rubik's Cube

Friday, March 13, 2009   |   Puzzles
First notice that the centered squares on each of the 6 sides designate the color that side will be; ie. they don't move. In order to solve the 3x3 cube with this set of instructions hold the cube with the white side down, and the yellow side up. Also note that there are edge, corner and center pieces.

Step 1: The White Cross

  • Place white edge pieces around the yellow center
  • One at a time, match the other side of the white edge piece with it's colored center piece, and then turn that face 180°

Step 2: Bottom White Corners

  • If a white corner piece is on the top face, put it in the top location closest to your right side, then:
    R T180 Ri
  • Now that a white corner piece is on the side on the upper row, look at the color on the other side of that corner piece, match that up with it's center piece and, looking at the colored center piece with the white on the side do:
    Up, Towards You, Back Down
  • Note when you are doing the last spot on the bottom, and your last white block is on the yellow top face, you need to put that white block directly above the empty spot on the bottom

Step 3: Middle Layer Edges

  • Find a top layer an edge piece with no yellow on it
  • Match the color on the side with it's colored center
  • Turn the top row away from the side which matches that pieces top color
  • Then lift the top color side up, towards you, and back down
  • Now do the same move you did in step 2
  • If you have a piece already in place between it's colored sides, but flipped (the green-red piece between the green/red sides but not properly), then hold one of the incorrect sides on the right and do the Up, Towards You, and back down move - then bring the white piece back down as in step 2, then do the moves we've been doing on this step

Step 4: Top Cross

  • F T R Ti Ri Fi
  • The move should be repeated along this path -> yellow center piece only -> horizontal middle line -> three piece j in upper left -> completed yellow cross

Step 5: Complete Top Face

  • R T Ri T R T180 Ri
  • Check how many corner top pieces are correct, 0, 1 or 2; depending on how many you have there are certain ways to hold the cube
  • 0: put a yellow piece on the left face in the upper right spot
  • 1: put that yellow corner piece on the bottom left corner of the top face
  • 2: make sure you position a yellow side piece on the top left of the side facing you

Step 6: Top Corners

  • Ri F Ri B180 R Fi Ri B180 R180
  • Need to assign a right, front and back face - look around cube on the top layer, looking for 2 addjecent corners where it has the same color. That side is now the back face. If no sides have 2 adjacent corner pieces, you can designate any side face as the back face.

Step 7: Finishing the Cube

  • L180 Ti B Fi L180 Bi F Ti L180 (The Allen)
  • The completed side (if you have one) is designated the right side
  • When doing the back, it's as if you are looking at the back...face on
  • The Allen rotates the pieces in a counterclockwise position.
Solution and videos care of RobH0629
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