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007 Films

Saturday, April 12, 2008   |   Review
Note: a perfect score is a (7 martinis), and ratings are given in comparison to other Bond movies and not, say, in comparison to Citizan Kane or anything like that

1Dr. No62Connery
2From Russia with Love63Connery
5You Only Live Twice67Connery
6On Her Majesty's Secret Service69Lazenby
7Diamonds Are Forever71Connery?
8Live and Let Die73Moore
9The Man with the Golden Gun74Moore?
10The Spy Who Loved Me77Moore
12For Your Eyes Only81Moore?
14A View to a Kill85Moore?
15The Living Daylights87Dalton?
16Licence to Kill89Dalton?
18Tomorrow Never Dies97Brosnan
19The World Is Not Enough99Brosnan
20Die Another Day02Brosnan
21Casino Royale06Craig
22Quantum of Solace08Craig?

Unofficial Films:

0Casino Royale (Original)67Niven
00Never Say Never Again83Connery