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Saturday, February 28, 2009   |   Top 5
  • A-team
    Television shows which follow around a pack of misfits always can win the hearts of the home viewers. These mercenaries were always for hire to help out those in need, but usually ended up not seeking payment. The predecessor to MacGyver they were the first people who could get trapped in a weed shed, and emerge in an armored tank. They always used their surroundings to help them get what they needed be it inventing new mechanical devices, running cons, or just using force.

  • Cleopatra 2525
    'I'm bringing it back!' Nobody ever saw this show, I saw it as reruns on some channel at 4:00 am. I was up late one night playing games and game across it , then it became a standard to 'accidently' stay awake so I could catch more episodes. The best thing I loved about this series was it was about a girl who was from the present timeline but was transported into the future year 2525. She was against her will tossed into a war that was tearing the world apart. Her team members are skilled scientists and military experts and her talents? She was an actress and must now use her 'acting' talents to help combat enemies (Team America anyone?). This show reminds you that it is all about what you do with the skills you have, not about what you do not know that can make all the difference. Oh and if you have not realized this, women have boobs and this show is has an all women cast.

  • The French Chef
    Julia Child engaged the world and showed people that home that they could cook just as well as those restaurant chefs. Today's cooking shows are so advanced compared to these original shows, but they all have to pay their respects back to the original. Who would think that today an entire network can subsists of cooking shows alone? This show opened the television world from just fiction and news programs to something useful for the home.

  • Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
    Awesome. These short run series is a salute to those older soap opera shows we all watched privately but never would talk about in mixed company. If you are looking to catch up on your nostalgic television series you can get good doses here of your bad acting, bad effects, bad writing. It's not really bad, it ss done on purpose to show us what fools we were for so many years actually enjoying low budget shows and asking for more. If you have not yet taking in the full experience of Darkplace you are still in the 'dark' as far as television experiences go.

  • South Park
    South Park opened up the world to openly mocking people for being who they are, as well as doing it in a vulgar way. I remember as a kid getting excited that this show was going to be on the air, and when it came out each episode pushed the limit of the FCC standards. I believe this show paved the way to let others television shows actually tell their stories without having to bite their tongue to keep the censors happy.
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